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Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels

A reporter from South Carolina, Maddie Sullenberger arrives in DC to investigate her boyfriend's disappearance.  She continues his investigation into a mysterious government agency and finds herself forced to work for them. 

A CIA Agent on the eve of his second wedding, Max Keller has made enemies throughout his career. Someone wants him dead.

Stephanie Donnelly keeps her true job a secret from those closest to her. Known as the American, she hasn't failed a mission in five years.

Beginning ten years before the events in Mad Dog Chronicles, the lives of the three agents are forever intertwined the moment Maddie is "recruited."

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I’ve often said that music inspires me. These are the songs that inspired me while writing Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels:

Mad Dog Chronicles theme songs:

Secrets - by Jordan Pruitt

Bones - by Little Big Town

Maddie’s theme songs:

Dreamin’ Under the Same Moon - by Julianne Hough feat. Derek Hough

Is That So Wrong - by Julianne Hough

Girls Like Me - by Kellie Pickler

Tough - by Kellie Pickler

Stephanie’s theme songs:

Keeps Gettin’ Better - by Christina Aguilera

Hold It Against Me - by Britney Spears

Radar - by Britney Spears

Something’s Gotta Give - by Jordan Pruitt

Andy’s theme songs:

I Do (Cherish You) - by 98 Degrees

The Hardest Thing - by 98 Degrees

Drew’s theme songs:

It’s Not For Me To Say - by Barry Manilow

It’s All In The Game - by Barry Manilow

Donna’s theme song:

Where You At - by Jennifer Hudson

Max’s theme songs:

Bulletproof - by Steel Magnolia

Fast As You - by Steel Magnolia

Love This Pain - by Lady Antebellum

Jake’s theme song:

Starting Now - by Chuck Wicks

the Recruiter’s theme song:

If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me - by Dixie Chicks

Declan’s theme song:

Closer - by The Corrs

Kerry’s theme songs:

Instant Karma - by U2

I Will Follow - by U2

Daniela’s theme songs:

Do I Dare - by Laura Pausini

Surrender - by Laura Pausini

It’s Not Goodbye - by Laura Pausini

Issue theme songs:

Start Me Up/Living On A Prayer - by Glee Cast

Watch Me - by Bella Thorne & Zendaya

Burned - by Hilary Duff

Holding Out For A Hero - by Ella Mae Bowen

Keep Holding On - by Glee Cast

How I Know You - by James Taylor