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Mad Dog Chronicles series

A horrible boss, Maddie Sullenberger considers her workplace a social experiment: “how far can you push someone before they quit?”

So when she disappears, her employees have no reason to look for her. But Stephanie Donnelly is convinced that her boss is in trouble. With help from three of her coworkers and Maddie's ex, former CIA agent Max Keller, she investigates the disappearance.

They discover the truth about Maddie, in addition to secrets they've kept from each other, during the investigation and the adventures that follow.

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A reporter from South Carolina, Maddie Sullenberger arrives in DC to investigate her boyfriend's disappearance.  She continues his investigation into a mysterious government agency and finds herself forced to work for them. 

A CIA Agent on the eve of his second wedding, Max Keller has made enemies throughout his career. Someone wants him dead.

Stephanie Donnelly keeps her true job a secret from those closest to her. Known as the American, she hasn't failed a mission in five years.

Beginning ten years before the events in Mad Dog Chronicles, the lives of the three agents are forever intertwined the moment Maddie is "recruited."

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Conclusion to the Mad Dog Chronicles trilogy!

Maddie Sullenberger is trying to live a normal life, hiding from the agency that used to employ her. 

But when Stephanie Donnelly discovers her niece Andi Brennan has been recruited by the agency, everything starts to change.

Andi’s misadventures as an agent pull Maddie from her “normal life” into a thrilling showdown with Kerry Page, Max Keller … and her past.

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“I can help you find what Belle did with your son.”

“My what?”

Kerry Page feels guilty about not telling Max Keller he was a father when she met him. Now, she feels obligated to help him find his son.

Set immediately after the events in Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels, their journey takes them throughout France as they meet Belle’s family and friends.

Max is angry at Kerry for waiting so long to tell him. But anger turns to worry when nobody seems to know Belle was ever pregnant. If they do find him, will his son know who he is?

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