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The End is Near…

July 7, 2013

Spoiler Alert: If you have not read the first 24 installments of Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels, you may want to skip this Blog entry until you’re caught up.

Based on this week’s installment, it sounds like Blanchi’s career is coming to an end.

That is true. Her time as an agent is coming to an end by the end of MDP 5: Keep Holding On. Stephanie’s mission in Italy is to ensure that happens. When Belle left for Italy, their employers sent Stephanie as backup. Unfortunately, she arrived too late to help Belle.

Are death scenes hard to write?

They can be. In my early stories, I thought I had to kill off a character in each story I wrote. (Don’t ask me why. I think it might be from watching too many soap operas.) When I started my second novel in college, I couldn’t decide which character to kill off. I eventually decided no one had to die.

Since then, I’ve only killed off characters when it was necessary for the story. In Mad Dog Chronicles and Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels, I had only killed off bad guys until Belle. I created the character of Belle always knowing she would die at the end of MDP 4. My mistake was liking the character. So, I avoided writing the scene. Then, I tried to talk myself out of it like I had in that second novel. The problem was that I’d written myself into a corner with only one way out. Her death prompts events in this issue that lead to the events in Egypt.

What was Belle’s message for Max, the one she didn’t get to deliver herself?

Let me tell you a secret, Belle gave Kerry her message for Max before dying. I think the question you want to ask is, “When will Kerry pass the message on to Max?”

What will happen to the two French agents Belle was trying to send back to France?

Stephanie is on their case now, in addition to burning Blanchi. You’ll want to keep turning in to find out what she does next.