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A Little Birthday Break

August 31, 2014

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead if you are not current on the story. 

It was nice to see Kerry Page again. Did you always plan to bring her back in the sequels?

Yes. I always planned for her to be in the sequels. She will be appearing a few more times...before finally meeting face to face with Maddie again. I don’t want to say too much about that right now. But that was always meant to happen.

The last two issues haven’t featured Maddie or Stephanie. Tell me they appear again soon.

They do. Maddie appears in Issue 4 - One Way or Another. She still has an important role to play, and that doesn’t include coming face to face with her former nemesis Kerry Page.

What can you tell us about the next issue?

We return to Germany, when Drew makes the mistake of returning. It’s a six-month time jump. Remember what happened when Max made the mistake of returning to Italy? Drew’s mistake sets up the road to the finale.

There’s no installment next week?

I’m taking a break to celebrate my birthday. There will be no installment next week and possibly the following week. It depends on how much celebrating I do. And if you’re about to ask how old I’ll be, I’m going insist that I’m turning 25 (again).