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The Broken Road series

Madison Bright loves her father. She loves him so much that she'd marry Garrett Robinson, an egotistical actor she does not love. Garrett has blackmailed her and lied to her to keep her from leaving up him. When he finally proposes, Madison runs away from her life in Los Angeles to the magic that is in Orlando...

Craig Sargeant is a divorced father of two, who sees his kids for a weekend every four weeks.

When Madison meets Craig, they are both two lost souls who feel like happiness has been denied to them. She knows she will eventually need to return to Los Angeles and marry Garrett. But she finds herself falling for Craig.

Blissfully unaware of the drama Garrett is causing in Los Angeles, Madison considers her future ... happiness with Craig but without her family or an unhappy marriage with her family in her life.

What path will she choose along The Broken Road?

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April Sargeant is devastated when her husband Mackenzie Brennan walks out after eight years of marriage. Desperate to not be portrayed as a victim, the singer/actor moves quickly to announce her separation and file for divorce. 

And then she learns Mack is eager to remarry due to his girlfriend's pregnancy. The news is the last push she needs to let go of her twelve-year relationship with him.

April struggles to rebuild her life and put her kids first. She isn't ready for a new romance, yet. But in the city By the Bay, opportunity is closer than she realizes…

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Michelle Carrington hasn’t dated since she was attacked at 14. In the second half of her junior year of college, she simply wants to graduate and resume the singing career she put on hold. The girl with a plan, she has her future mapped out.

But when her roommate Reese Johnson learns she is dying, Michelle’s plans are altered as she encourages her friend to create a Bucket List. The semester becomes dedicated to helping her friend check everything off the list.

Reese adds see you date to her Bucket List, suggesting Michelle would be a good match for her boyfriend Peter Evans. Michelle tries to ignore the suggestion. But as she spends time with him while helping Reese finish her list, she finds herself falling for him. And Peter finds himself in love with her. Realizing they are moving on before she’s gone, Reese takes steps to prevent their happy ending.

Will Reese’s actions keep them apart? Will Michelle’s guilt? Or will they finally find their way to each other in  The Safest Place?

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Hadley Bright hasn’t told anyone the truth about what happened to her. It is a secret she never plans to share. Why should she? She is quite certain she has moved past it.

But a fight with her husband Peter during their honeymoon stirs up old memories. Her insecurities get the best of her. And before she can stop it, her life begins to spiral out of control as her marriage unravels.

Unwilling to reveal her secret, Hadley is about to lose everything that matters to her. Can she get the help she needs before it is too late? Will she walk away from her dreams? Or is there anyway she can possibly find herself  Together Again?

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Mackenzie “Mack” Brennan is twice divorced and a father of six. He shares four kids with his first ex-wife and two with his second. He loves his kids. But his dog Daisy is his world. Adopted after the end of his second marriage, she has taught him unconditional love and responsibility. 

So when she wakes him up in the middle of the night, Mack goes into panic mode. His beloved Daisy is sick.

He takes her to the 24-hour animal hospital, where he meets veterinarian Sage Meadows. Sage tries to help Daisy, but eventually delivers bad news.

In the longest day of his life, Mack is forced to make a tough decision.

And he follows that decision with one he might regret ... the veterinarian. They bonded throughout that day. Can they build a new life together all because of the time they spent With Daisy?

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Susanne McCallum is a world-class gymnast. But when she comes home from Rio with a broken leg instead of the medal she wanted, she’s forced to put gymnastics on hold until it heals.

Unable to train, she has time to date for the first time in her life. But she has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to finding love.

Abbott Meadows is her best friend’s older brother. His life was also once devoted to the same sport. He hasn’t dated much either. 

Watching Susanne stumble and make mistakes awakens his feelings for her. But he is uncomfortable with the 8-year age difference between them.

They might be perfect for each other, if one of them is willing to make a move … even if it’s Just a Kiss.

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