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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

August 3, 2014

Warning: There may be spoilers ahead if you are not current on the story. 

Wait a minute. I have a question about the ending of the last one. Max and Andi? I did not see that coming!

I didn’t either! It just sort of happened. The (rather brief) relationship is explained in the next installment. So, I’ll let you wait for that explanation. What I will say is that the relationship was actually a giant step forward for both characters. Max has always put his job first, costing him two marriages. But if you remember, he was willing to quit his job for Belle. She died, indirectly because of him, and he remained at the CIA an additional year before Maddie burned him. After that night in Iceland, Max returned home and quit his job at the CIA. Does that mean he is in love with Andi? No.

For Andi, it’s the first relationship she’s in that is completely on her terms. It’s a milestone for her and allows her to mature. When we next see Andi, she’s definitely different and more like Stephanie in the Prequels.

So, this new issue is set in Germany, starring Cooper Jordan?

Cooper is definitely one of the leads of this story. He is working for the CIA and has a job to do. And, of course, he’s in over his head. So, Max Keller just happens to be in Germany, on his personal search for Maddie. It’s part Max’s story, a redemption story. He was once a young, bright CIA Agent who was ready to take on the world. He wasn’t always the dufus he is somewhat portrayed as. This is his opportunity to once again shine, as he helps Cooper complete his mission.

Who is Britta Tölzer? Is she the new villain?

Britta is the new villain, the Big Bad for the Sequels. This issue is her first appearance, but she will be chasing the characters to the end. And who is she currently looking for? What American male character do we know with curly light brown hair and brown eyes? Let me give you a hint, he was briefly mentioned as being in Germany in Issue 1: Learning to Fly

If you guessed NCIS Special Agent Drew Donnelly, you’re correct. Britta is on the hunt for Drew, rather oblivious to current and former CIA Agents in town (Cooper and Max). Drew is about to make his appearance as he is on assignment for NCIS. And I think you’ll be surprised who helps him with his case.