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Just a Kiss

February 13, 2019

I’ve been saving my author’s blog entry on Just a Kiss for the 1st anniversary of The Broken Road’s release. I didn’t want to give away any of the story before people had a chance to read it. But now that it’s been out for two months, let’s talk…

What would you like to share about Just a Kiss?

Just a Kiss is the perfect end to the series. It was a joy to write, especially after the emotional book that was With Daisy. Susanne McCallum had a brief appearance in Together Again and Abbott has appeared (briefly) in several books of the series.

Susanne is innocent in terms of dating. She was previously married to her gymnastics career. But an injury forces her to take time off, which gives her time to do something else. Dating does not come naturally to her and she misreads several signs.

This is the final book in the six-book series.

How does this book relate to the others in the series?

This could almost be a stand-alone novel in terms of the series. Susanne and Abbott have only had brief appearances before Just a Kiss. But many characters from the prior books appear in this story. I’m not even going to try to list all of them. I think of Just a Kiss as the cherry on top.

How does this book relate to other stories within the “Gagengirl Universe”?

Susanne was actually written as the daughter in my first screenplay. (The subplot about her mom was its plot.) I don’t have any appearances by characters from other published stories. But Abbott does refer to his neighbor, director Cooper Jordan, who previously appeared in the Mad Dog Chronicles series.