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What happened last year?

February 15, 2012

The short answer is that I moved. Shortly after I posted my entry last April, I packed up the rest of my things and moved to my new place. My dog died a week later. And I spent the rest of the year unpacking and trying to get settled in.

I’d unpack a few boxes, try to write a few pages, and then try to get the stuff I unpacked put away. So, you could say it took me a while to get anything accomplished. It didn’t help matters that I had too many stories I was trying to work on concurrently.

My editors have returned my complete copy of Mad Dog Chronicles. Their notes and another round of revisions are next on my plate. I’m currently at work on another romance novel. If I can stay focused, I expect to finish it in early March. I have another online series in the works, too.

In the first few weeks of this year, I’ve written more than I managed all last year. New stories are definitely coming soon.

And now on to my favorite thing of the week...

Dr. Pepper. Surprised? It’s my favorite thing to drink when writing, eating popcorn, or trying to wake up in the morning. It has been my favorite drink since high school. As long as I have enough Dr. Pepper, this should be a productive year.