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Together Again

October 16, 2018

I’ve been saving my author’s blog entry on  Together Again for the release day of book five in  The Broken Road series. I didn’t want to give away any of the story before people had a chance to read it. But now that it’s been out for two months, let’s talk…

What would you like to share about Together Again?

Together Again is Hadley Bright’s story. Do you remember Hadley? She went through hell in the first book of the series, all in the name of love for her sister. At this point in the timeline, the story begins two years later in Beijing. Hadley is in competition and surprises herself with how well she does. And the next day, her boyfriend Peter asks her to marry him. But if you think it’s just happily ever after, you’re wrong.

Hadley and Peter are on their honeymoon when they have their first fight. And her life and their marriage start to unravel a few months later. The twist in this book is that I wanted to explore the idea that their story begins with marriage. So many books end with a proposal or a wedding and we, as readers, believe the couple lives happily ever after. The truth is that, in real life, it’s usually just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It was fun to approach it that way. Instead of wondering if the couple is going to get together, you instead get to wonder if they’ll stay together.

This is the fourth book in a planned six-book series.

How does this book relate to the others in the series?

Hadley appears in  The Broken Road and most of the characters in that story reappear.  The Safest Place’s Michelle Carrington and  By the Bay’s Mack Brennan have cameos. And if you pay attention, you might be able to guess who appears in the final two stories of the series.

How does this book relate to other stories within the “Gagengirl Universe”?

I don’t have any characters in this story that made their debut in another story I’ve written, outside of The Broken Road series. But two of Hadley’s trampoline rivals have a story in their future in the Mad Dog Chronicles series. Do you miss the series? I promise more stories are coming. This year has been a lot of editing and I’m in need of a little break. I’ll talk more about the future of Mad Dog Chronicles and what else is coming up in a future author’s blog entry.