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About Solvang

July 11, 2016

I’m excited about my latest mystery that debuted last week. Solvang is my first brand-new story on the website in over a year. And it’s the first time in several years that I’m introducing all new characters. So…what do you want to know?

Who is Felicia Michaels?

Felicia is a Hollywood screenwriter who has settled down. She’s married, with two kids. But she has been re-evaluating her life. About six months before the start of the story, she discovered her social security number had been stolen. And her screenwriting career has come to a quiet end. So, she’s questioning her life choices and looking for something to do.

When Chef goes missing, looking for him seems to be a fantastic chance to do  something.

Does  Chef have a name?

He does. But he goes by  Chef because he shares his name with a Hollywood actor. His real name will be revealed in an upcoming chapter.

Felicia and Pablo seem to have a solid relationship.

That’s not a question. But, yes they do. I’ve written a lot of “will they or won’t they” stories. Most of my stories end as a couple gets together or has a kid. But in life, that’s really where the story begins. It’s just that next chapter. For Felicia and Pablo, they are navigating the next chapter together.

It’s been a fun change to write a couple who are together with the drama outside of the relationship.  And I’ve had fun writing their kids - Rafe and Etta.

Do you have anything else to add right now?

Time for a promotional plug…did you know that Adventures in St. Augustine is available on iTunes and Amazon?  And if you’re curious about the songs that inspired it, check out the Adventures in St. Augustine page.