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Six More Weeks…

December 7, 2014

Warning: There are spoilers ahead if you are not current on the story. 

Stop reading now... 

You’ve been warned...

Why two installments this week?

It was not my original plan, but these two installments are meant to be back-to-back. They are wrapping up certain plot elements and I thought it made sense to post them both today.

A number of long-held secrets were revealed.

Yes. I always planned on the Boss revealing them the way she does. Armed with these new secrets, Stephanie is now on a plane to handle the situation in Strasbourg.

Stephanie is on her way to save the day?

It’s important for Stephanie to think she’s heading to save the day. But there are two current agents and two former agents in Strasbourg, with a Guide and a former CIA agent. Not to give too much away, but they should be able to handle the situation they are facing.

Donna was mentioned in one of this week’s installments, but she has barely appeared in the sequels.

I guess it’s safe to give one spoiler on the spin-offs. I’ve purposefully kept her out of the action in the sequels because she has a spin-off trilogy that takes place almost immediately after the end of the sequels. The action in it kicks off during the events at the Building and over in Europe.

I’ll talk about her spin-off later, after the sequels are done. I haven’t started writing yet, but I anticipate it coming in 2016.

Why so long?

I’m actively working on revisions to the Mad Dog Chronicles saga so that it will finally be available on iTunes in early 2015. And, I’m working on revisions to one of my romance novels, too. And, I want to finish Murphy’s story (Adventures in St. Augustine) before I start anything new.

Now that we’ve digressed, what can you say about these final six weeks of Mad Dog Chronicles?

More secrets will be revealed in the final three installments. But before we can get to those reveals, we have to see who makes it out of the battle with the German and her men.