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About the Sequels…

June 29, 2014

Ugh. I’m not a huge fan of Andi. Is this story all about her?

This story isn’t all about her, but she is a lead character. Andi is a lot like Stephanie was at her age. She is a member of the next generation of agents. But, she requires a “Guide” since she has trouble getting out after completing her “task”, as noted by the Boss. 

I think Andi will be understood better in this story as she interacts with the Cleaner-in-Training (her on-again/off-again boyfriend Jonas) and her Guide.

And her Guide is Maddie’s ex-boyfriend, who she never got over?

So, you caught that? Jake Patterson had such a brief appearance in the Prequels, but I always planned to bring him back in the Sequels. He is also likely to appear within the planned Belle LePennec duology. 

Throughout the sequels, he will work closely with Andi. It will also be revealed he was around when no one knew (in the original story and the Prequels.)

Iceland. Max Keller. What else will happen in this issue?

The title is Bang Bang Bang, so you can expect more gunfire. It will be revealed in the next installment that Andi is sent to Iceland to rectify a problem and she’s given two options to do that. The choice she makes sets the stage for the lead-up to the end.

Can you give any spoilers of the next (and last) four Issues?

During the first issue, Drew was looking for Stephanie because he had something to tell her. Something he learned in Germany. That something is going to bite him, big time. He’ll find himself working with CIA Agent Cooper Jordan (Stephanie’s nephew), but they’ll find themselves in trouble with the latest villain.