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About The Prequels

January 20, 2013

Warning: If you have not read the original Mad Dog Chronicles, this contains some spoilers. Read at your own caution.

What can we expect from Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels (MDP)?

In the installments, we learn the origins of Maddie, Stephanie, and the rest of the characters from the original stories. The first issue is Maddie’s story. In just the first two installments, we learn what drove her from her hometown of Charleston, SC to Washington, DC. The next few installments will show her recruitment and her first assignment. She makes an important decision that impacts futures stories.

Will we see all the characters from the original stories?

Nearly all the characters from the original stories will make appearances in MDP. But don’t expect to see everyone as much as they appeared in the originals. I think MDP will have a slightly different feel as it is an origin story for Maddie, Stephanie, and Max. The other characters’ appearances are mostly supporting roles. There are also a few new characters. I can’t say too much about them until they appear.

How many installments will there be this time around?

For Mad Dog Chronicles, whether it’s the original story, the prequels, or the eventual sequels, there will always be 36 installments to tell the story.

Did you just say sequels?

Let’s talk about them in a few months. Let’s just say I’m Star Wars’ing it. The original story came first in 2010, the prequels are this year, and the sequels will debut next year.

I thought MDP was supposed to debut last summer. Why was there a delay?

Totally my fault. I shouldn’t have promised them when I hadn’t written a word. After finishing Adventures in St. Augustine, I learned I needed knee surgery. I started several mini-projects while recovering and never quite got back to MDP. But I recently refocused my efforts to give my fans the story they’ve been waiting for.

So, what is next for Maddie?

Oh, you’ll need to wait until next week to find that out.