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Countdown to the Beginning

August 11, 2013

So, we’re finally heading to Egypt to learn what happened before the events in the original Mad Dog Chronicles. What do you want readers to know?

The original story begins with both Max and Kerry wanting answers for what happened in Egypt. At this point, the readers know more about the why than Max and Kerry will ever learn (at least until the sequels).

The real question, maybe to be answered in a spinoff, is what did Max do before Maddie was recruited? He had a Russian try to kill him in MDP 1: Start Me Up. Blanchi was assigned to kill him in MDP 3: Burned. She failed her mission, but she tried again to complete it in MDP 5: Keep Holding On. Perhaps, Keller’s Chronicles will tell his story to answer those questions. (I just came up with that idea, so I can’t say if/when that story will happen.)

Since you mentioned Blanchi, why did Stephanie let her live?

She had to or the events in MDC 5: Who Says You Can’t Go Home would have never happened. Stephanie is a character who tries to only kill when she feels there is no other choice. This is direct opposite of Blanchi who kills because she enjoys it. 

We now know the motivation for Blanchi’s actions in her first appearance. She hated Maddie for shooting her three times and leaving her to die in the house in Saint-Vincent, Italy. (I think I’d probably hate someone for that, too.) Her hatred for Stephanie is more severe. Instead of just killing her with her own poison, Stephanie made certain Blanchi would live and lose everything.

What happened to Blanchi’s husband?

Andrea Cannone returned to Rome, picked up the kids (Vanessa and Marcello), and disappeared. The only way to truly hide from a psychopath would have been for him to contact the Cleaner. I imagine he is likely living somewhere in the U.S.