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Who Needs a Hero?

June 2, 2013

I thought this Issue was to be set in Italy. Why does it start in France?

After the events in the last issue, Max Keller has avoided Italy. (Can you blame him? He nearly died there.) So, I wanted to show the contributing factors that prompt him to return to the country. 

Who is Isabelle LePennec?

Isabelle LePennec (Belle) is another agent working for the agency that has employed Stephanie, Maddie, and Blanchi. Each agent has a specialty and Belle’s is healing. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of fighting or rescuing. If you’re smelling potential spinoff, it’s not your imagination.

How many spinoff stories are you planning?

I’ve got specific ideas for two that take place after the Sequels. I can’t say any more than that at this time without giving away key reveals planned for the Sequels. What I can say is that one spinoff is a planned trilogy and the other is a stand-alone story.

I do think about potential spinoff stories when I’m creating new characters. Blanchi could be the lead in a series, simply because I find her a fascinating character. There are also characters being created for the Sequels that may lead new stories or series.

Tell me about the two French agents.

Marine Poujade and Philippe Jambon have been partners for the past seven years. If you think they may be partners in the same sense as Beckett and Castle (on ABC’s Castle) or Bones and Booth (on FOX’s Bones), you would be right. They have a selfish motive in asking “Professor Chabert” for help finding the Egyptian artifact.

Egyptian artifact? Do the events lead to the Egyptian mission that occurred before the events in Mad Dog Chronicles?