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Where is Mad Dog Chronicles?

April 18, 2015

If you’re asking yourself that question, you haven’t been paying attention. Mad Dog Chronicles made its iTunes debut in February. If I left it on here permanently, I’d be losing sales. Yes, it was free for the first five years of its existence, but I’ve always wanted to be a paid writer. I’ve been trying to build a following first.

So, now I bet you’re wondering about Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels (MDP) and Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels (MDS). They are heading to iTunes very soon. You should be able to buy MDP on April 27 and MDS on October 12. Why the delay?

I like to change my mind, a lot. I decided make this summer a summer of romance. So, Let There Be Love will be available for sale on June 22 and Make Me a Match will be available for sale on August 17. With that decision, it pushed MDS back to my October release date. But as a thank you for being so patient, my Kerry Page spinoff, Come With Me Now, will be available for free on December 14.

All of those dates are now in stone, hard-coded, not changing. Unless they change. I did say I like to change my mind.

So now, you’re probably wondering if Adventures in St. Augustine (ASA) will still conclude this year. The answer is YES! ASA 3 will run from June 7 to August 16. And the story will conclude with ASA 4.

If this all makes it sound like a crazy, busy year, you’re right. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are so many stories I want to tell and I can’t wait to tell them all.