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Come With Me Now

July 24, 2017

The long-awaited Kerry Page spinoff is finally here. Where should I begin…

How does this story tie back to the previous Mad Dog Chronicles stories?

Kerry Page was introduced in the first issue of Mad Dog Chronicles and she was introduced as a villain. But if you’ve read Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels and  Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels, you know that I humanized her somewhat. I was curious what made her the way she was when she was first introduced.

The story makes numerous references to all three stories. Max Keller’s lost love,  Belle, is mentioned many times and her family is introduced. We also meet a sibling of another French character from Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels. If you haven’t read the previous stories, there will be a lot you wouldn’t understand.

I wanted to make it a stand-alone story. But the story is dependent on and a result of the previous events. Most of my later spinoffs will better stand by themselves.

What is next in the Mad Dog Chronicles saga?

Next will be The Princess Chronicles. It will be the story of Donna Bauer-Donnelly. She learned that she’s a descendant of Ancient Nubian royalty. But she has not learned the baggage that comes with that lineage. It is partially set during the events at the end of Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels. But much like the previous stories with Chronicles in the name, it is multiple stories. The second and third story are results of the events in the first one.

Do you have long-term plans for the Mad Dog Chronicles saga?

I do. I have plans to release at least one story set within the Mad Dog Chronicles mythology every two years until Mad Dog Chronicles - the End comes out in 2029. Yes, I said 2029. It is a twelve-year plan. And yes, I know what the end-game is.