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Returning to St. Augustine

March 16, 2014

What brings us back to St. Augustine?

Murder. Mystery. Murphy. If you’ve read the first few installments of this Adventure, you know Murphy has found herself in a bit of trouble. I guess I should first catch you up since the events of the first Adventure

Connor and Yukari are still together and they are now expecting their first child. Is it a boy or a girl? The happy parents don’t want to know. (But I know it’s a boy. I just haven’t named him yet.)

Murphy is dealing with the psychological effects from the first Adventure. It’s not so obvious in the first few installments, but readers will probably notice she seems different in the next few installments.

Walker is still in Jacksonville. He hasn’t transferred back to DC. Something is keeping him in Florida...

How does this Adventure differ from the first?

The first Adventure introduced the characters. We learned who they are, how they know each other, and how they interact with each other. This Adventure shoves the characters into action and in the middle of the mystery. We have a real mystery and each of the characters piece the truth together in a different way. Another difference this time is the timing. I’m posting double installments for six weeks. So, you’ll know the truth in four weeks.

The website looks a little different. Why the change?

I wanted readers to be able to get to each story easier. Adventures in St. Augustine and Mad Dog Chronicles have their own mini-home page. You can navigate between the stories and installments easier and faster. The second Adventure is my fourth story posted on the website. The mini-home pages also provide information as to what is coming soon - two more Adventures and Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels. I will talk more about the Sequels when we get closer to its debut.