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With Daisy

Mackenzie “Mack” Brennan is twice divorced and a father of six. He shares four kids with his first ex-wife and two with his second. He loves his kids. But his dog Daisy is his world. Adopted after the end of his second marriage, she has taught him unconditional love and responsibility.

So when she wakes him up in the middle of the night, Mack goes into panic mode. His beloved Daisy is sick.

He takes her to the 24-hour animal hospital, where he meets veterinarian Sage Meadows. Sage tries to help Daisy, but eventually delivers bad news.

In the longest day of his life, Mack is forced to make a tough decision.

And he follows that decision with one he might regret ... the veterinarian. They bonded throughout that day. Can they build a new life together all because of the time they spent With Daisy?

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I’ve often said that music inspires me. In addition to the songs listed below, I listened to a lot of Train, and The Lady and the Tramp soundtrack, while writing With Daisy.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read the book and don’t want to know how it ends, read at your own caution.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco - by Tony Bennett

This song represents Mack’s first marriage. It was the first dance at his wedding to April.

Only God (Could Stop Me Loving You) - by Emerson Drive

This song represents Mack’s second marriage. It was the first dance at his wedding to Sabrina.

Save Me, San Francisco - by Train

This is Mack’s theme song.

When I Think About Angels - by Jamie O’Neal

I played this song a lot after my dog Alle died. I put this song on the playlist for Daisy.

Hold On - by Colbie Caillat

This is Sage’s theme song.

Best I Ever Had - by Gavin DeGraw

This is the theme song for ex-wife #1, April.

Wherever I Go - by Miley Cyrus feat. Emily Osment

This song represents Mack’s kids with ex-wife #1 - April & Mack.

Smile - by Sabrina Carpenter

This song represents Mack’s twin girls with ex-wife #1 - Lizzie & Rory.

Diving for Hearts - by Corinne Bailey Raw

I wanted a song with heart in the title for Mack. I found this song and added it to the playlist.

How Could An Angel Break My Heart - by Toni Braxton

I also played this song a lot after my dog Alle died. This song is for Daisy.

Gonna Get Over You - by Sara Bareilles

This song represents Sage’s first marriage and her difficulty moving on after after it was over.

I Knew You Were Trouble. - by Taylor Swift

This is the theme song for ex-wife #2, Sabrina.

Moments That Matter - by Corbin Bleu

This song represents Mack’s kids with ex-wife #2 - Liam & Dermot.

Breaking Your Own Heart - by Kelly Clarkson

This song represents that decision that Mack struggled to make. I had to make that decision twice and it truly is like breaking your own heart.

Better Place - by Rachel Platten

This song has two uses. It is for the better place Mack’s life was after adopting Daisy. Mack’s life is also a better place after meeting Sage.

Borrowed Angels - by Kristin Chenoweth

Well, I cry every time I hear this song now. This song is for Daisy (and my sweet Molly Rose), who was a borrowed angel.

I Lived - by OneRepublic

This song represents Mack’s realization that despite the heartaches of broken marriages and losing Daisy, he lived through it. 

Tonight - by Nick Jonas & The Administration

This song represents the happy ending Mack and Sage manage to find. (It was their first dance.)