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Let There Be Love

“You’re so lucky to be single.”  “You’re so lucky you don’t have kids.”  These are two phrases Sandra Buck is tired of hearing.  She doesn’t feel lucky.  One friend is expecting her first child with her husband.  Another friend is getting married in eight weeks.  Almost two years post-Hurricane Katrina, Sandra’s life in New Orleans is more busy than lucky.

Jared Murray is on vacation when he crosses paths with Sandra. He knows she’s what’s been missing in his life. Between her loyalty to her friends and her insecurities, can he convince her that luck has finally come her way?

$1 from the sale of each novel will be donated to Habitat for Humanity - New Orleans.

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I’ve often said that music inspires me. These are the songs that inspired me while writing Let There Be Love:

SPOILER ALERT : Let There Be Love is a romance. A number of these songs are love songs. If you haven’t read the book and don’t want to know how it ends, read at your own caution.

Let There Be Love - by Chris Botti featuring Michael Bublé

The title of the book, this song set the mood for me while I wrote.

Love Is Enough - by 3 of Hearts

This was Heather Kelly’s theme song. She was a character who always believed in love (and that it was enough). 

Put Your Records On - by Corinne Bailey Rae

This was Sandra Buck’s theme song. Music was important to her as she uses it for inspiration (just like I do). But as it is revealed in the story, music also plays another important role in her life.

I’m In - by The Kinleys

This was Jordan Brady’s theme song.

Not Ready to Make Nice - by Dixie Chicks

This was Cora Hamilton’s theme song. She was an abrasive character and the song suited her perfectly. She references the song at one point while explaining why she doesn’t apologize.

Yes We Can Can - by Harry Connick Jr.

This song was on his  Oh, My Nola album. For me, it evoked the spirit of New Orleans, post-Katrina. 

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - by Preservation Hall Jazz Band

I do know what it means to miss New Orleans. I almost went to school at Loyola University, and through this novel I sort of rewrote history. Would my life have been like Sandra’s? Or like one of her friends? I’ll never know. But I miss New Orleans. I miss it almost every day.

Vision of Love - by Mariah Carey

This was the first dance for Terri Whitmore and her husband David. It is their song.

I’ll Stand By You - by The Pretenders

This was the first dance for Lila McAlister and Diane Hunt. It is their song.

Stickwitu - by The Pussycat Dolls

This was the first dance for Anwen O’Riley and her husband Joey. It is their song.

When You Walked Into My Life - by Lila McCann

This was the first dance for Cassia and Gianni Ellison. It is their song.

Canal Street Blues - by Dr. Michael White

If you haven’t been to New Orleans, Canal Street divides the city between the French Quarter and the Garden District. I picked this song for my inspiration playlist because of its name.

Oh, My Nola - by Harry Connick Jr.

I considered Oh, My Nola as an alternate book title. But I picked it for my inspiration playlist because of the title. I may not live there, but I always refer to New Orleans as  my New Orleans.

For Your Eyes Only - by Sheena Easton

This was the first dance for Heather and Charlie Kelly. It is their song because he was always the first to read her books. (Even if they were “chick lit.”)

Like A Star - by Corinne Bailey Rae

This is Sandra and Jared’s song. I picked it for them for the line “I wonder why it is I won’t let my guard down for anyone but you”. 

It Had To Be You - by Rod Stewart

This is Jordan and Finn’s song. I picked it for them because of their backstory. They met in France. You can’t get more romantic than that.

Lullaby - by Dixie Chicks

This is Cora and Cooper’s song. I picked it for them because of the line “how long do you want to be loved is forever enough”.

When You Love Me - by Martina McBride

I picked this song for the last song on my playlist because I wanted a love song. I wanted a sweet and perfect love song that hit the emotions of all the couples at the end.