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Come With Me Now

“I can help you find what Belle did with your son.”

“My what?”

Kerry Page feels guilty about not telling Max Keller he was a father when she met him. Now, she feels obligated to help him find his son.

Set immediately after the events in Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels, their journey takes them throughout France as they meet Belle’s family and friends.

Max is angry at Kerry for waiting so long to tell him. But anger turns to worry when nobody seems to know Belle was ever pregnant. If they do find him, will his son know who he is?

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I’ve often said that music inspires me.  These are the songs that inspired me while writing Come With Me Now

(SPOILER ALERT: Some of these songs represent plot points within the story. If you haven’t read the story and do not want to know, please come back after you’ve had a chance to read it.)

Come With Me Now - by KONGOS

When I first heard this song on the radio, I started thinking about Kerry Page and her spinoff. It seemed natural to use it as the first song on the inspiration playlist. And it became the title of the story.

Pride (In The Name of Love) - U2

This was Kerry Page’s theme song at the end of Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels. So, I included it in the playlist as a way to maintain continuity.

Unstoppable - by Rascal Flatts

This was Max Keller’s theme song at the end of Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels. Just like the previous song, I included it as a way to maintain continuity. As I wrote, I was constantly referring back to the previous stories, making certain I wasn’t breaking continuity.

Out of the Woods - by Taylor Swift

The refrain of this song repeatedly asks, “Are we out of the woods?”  With Max and Kerry, their relationship was always on shaky ground. This song represented that for me.

Like This, Like That (Comme Ci, Comme Ça) - by Jean-Pierre Bernac Musette Ensemble

The story is set in France. This is the first of six songs that were either French songs or sung in French. When I took French, I learned that “comme ci, comme ça” is the French way of saying “so so.” This song was like an answer to the question posed by the previous song. Are we out of the woods? Is everything okay? …so, so. 

Quelqu’un M’a Dit - by Carla Bruni

The translation of the title of this song is “someone told me.” Representing the story’s progression, Kerry and Max are quickly lying to Belle’s family and friends as they meet them.

Your Biggest Mistake - by Ellie Goulding

This song represents Max’s biggest mistake. He knows that if not for one fateful decision, he would not have lost the years with his son. And Belle would still be alive.

That’s So Good (C’est Si Bon) - by Jean-Pierre Bernac Musette Ensemble

Another French song. I picked it to just to represent France. (Author’s note: This song and the other song by the same artist are from my first French CD I bought while in college.)

Ne Me Quitte Pas - by Rob Piltch, George Koller, Don Reed, & Greg Daikin

The translation of the title of this song is “don’t leave me.”

Boom Clap - by Charli XCX

The transition to this song from the softer previous song was always a bit jarring. But it was one of the first songs I added to the playlist. In addition to this playlist, I listened to the Charli XCX songs that I owned while writing.

Je Crois Toi - by Céline Dion

Another French song. The translation is “I believe you” or “I believe in you.”  The title was appropriate. And I knew I had to have at least one Céline Dion song on the playlist. (I highly recommend her French albums.)

Quand On Prie La Bonne Etolie - by Nolwenn Leroy

Technically, it’s a Disney song. But when I heard When You Wish Upon a Star in French, I fell in love with the song. It quickly became my favorite version.

Lass Jetzt Los - by Willemijn Verkaik

This song is the German version of Disney’s Let It Go. I used it to represent Kerry’s return to Germany, since I did not have any other German songs at the time.

Take Me There - by Rascal Flatts

This song is Max’s theme song at the end of the story. It represents his progression and maturity.

Song for Someone - by U2

This song is Kerry’s theme song at the end of the story. It represents how the latest events have changed her.

Lost Then Found - by Leona Lewis feat. OneRepublic

If you’ve read the story, you know what this song represents. If you know the song and haven’t read the story, you can probably guess what this song represents.