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By the Bay

April Sargeant is devastated when her husband Mackenzie Brennan walks out after eight years of marriage. Desperate to not be portrayed as a victim, the singer/actor moves quickly to announce her separation and file for divorce. 

And then she learns Mack is eager to remarry due to his girlfriend's pregnancy. The news is the last push she needs to let go of her twelve-year relationship with him.

April struggles to rebuild her life and put her kids first. She isn't ready for a new romance, yet. But in the city By the Bay, opportunity is closer than she realizes…

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I’ve often said that music inspires me. In addition to the songs listed below, I listened to a lot of Gavin Degraw while writing By the Bay. (If you’ve read the book, you might remember April listing him as a favorite artist.)

SPOILER ALERT : If you haven’t read the book and don’t want to know how it ends, read at your own caution.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco - by Tony Bennett

This song represents April’s marriage to Mack. It was the song he picked for their first dance when they got married.

Stay - by Little Big Town

I picked this song to represent April’s feelings after Mack walked out on her.

Right Here Waiting - by Richard Marx

This song represents April’s best friend CJ Bauer. It was the first dance for him and his wife Danni.

This Is the Heartache - by Meredith Edwards

I picked this song to represent April’s feelings at the Prescott Benefit, when she meets Mack’s “Rebound Girlfriend.”

I Am That Man - by Brooks & Dunn

This song represents the arrival of April’s first boyfriend (and ex) Paul Michaels.

Like We Never Loved At All - by Faith Hill w/ Tim McGraw

I picked this song to represent the end of April’s marriage, as they fought over all the little things before she finally decided to let go of her anger.

Rumors - by Lindsay Lohan

I picked this song to represent April’s fears of what other people are saying about the end of her marriage. Whether she likes it or not, people talk.

In the Still of the Night - by Boyz II Men

This song represents April’s best friend Lisa Donnelly. It was the first dance for her and her husband Matt.

If I Were You - by Celine Dion

I picked this song to represent the change in her relationship with ex-husband Mack and his new wife Sabrina.

I Can’t Stop Loving You - by Martina McBride

This song represents Mack’s actions after April finally finds a new love interest.

Catch Me When I Fall - by Ashlee Simpson

I picked this song (because of the title) to represent April’s klutziness.

Keep On Singin’ My Song - by Christina Aguilera

This song represents April’s return to her singing and acting careers.

(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay - by Michael Bolton

This story is set in San Francisco. This song seemed like a given. And it represents April’s many trips to Pier 39 to watch the sea lions bask in the sun.

By Chance - by Jim Brickman

This song represents April’s many chance meetings with Linus Prescott.

Come a Little Closer - by Lila McCann

I picked this song to repesent April’s growing relationship with Linus.

Fever - by Michael Bublé

This song also represents April’s growing relationship with Linus.

Blue Moon - by Rod Stewart & Eric Clapton

This song represents one of April’s movies, the one she filmed with Kevin Mitchell. It also represents the lead up to the happy ending.

I’m Amazed - by Jim Brickman w/ Lila McCann

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? This song represents the happy ending. In one scene, it is explained how April and Linus found the song they danced to at their reception.