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With Daisy

December 11, 2018

I’ve been saving my author’s blog entry on With Daisy for the release day of book six in  The Broken Road series. I didn’t want to give away any of the story before people had a chance to read it. But now that it’s been out for two months, let’s talk…

What would you like to share about With Daisy?

With Daisy is a sequel to By the Bay, but this time we’re telling the story from Mack Brennan’s perspective. It is about five years after the end of By the Bay. Mack is now twice-divorced. He’s watched both of his ex-wives remarry and raise their kids with new husbands. He has visitation with his kids, but his dog Daisy has become his only constant companion. So when she suddenly gets sick, he rushes her to the 24-hour animal hospital.

At the animal hospital, he meets veterinarian Sage Meadows. She delivers bad news and Mack is forced to make a decision. And I was forced to write the hardest scenes I’ve ever written. But I happen to think they are some of the best scenes I’ve written. And through those tough hours (and scenes), Mack bonds with Sage.

This is the fifth book in a planned six-book series.

How does this book relate to the others in the series?

Well, as a direct sequel to By the Bay, most of those characters reappear in this story. Everyone is a few years older, and Mack’s daughter April Brennan still manages to steal the scenes she’s in. And it turns out that Sage is related to characters from The Broken Road.

How does this book relate to other stories within the “Gagengirl Universe”?

I don’t have any characters in this story that made their debut in another story I’ve written, outside of The Broken Road series. There are a few references to characters in my first novel, but they are more like easter eggs for my long-time fans.