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The Broken Road

April 30, 2018

Again, it’s been longer than I realized since the last time I made an Author’s Blog entry. Writing and my day job have kept me super busy. But now I’ve got things to share. So, where shall I begin…

What would you like to share about The Broken Road?

The Broken Road is set in Los Angeles and Orlando. It is a romance, telling the story of Madison Bright and Craig Sargeant.

While writing  The Broken Road, I listened to a lot of music from Beauty and the Beast in addition to the inspiration playlist. (The Special Edition soundtrack, the Original Cast Recording, and a playlist that mixed them.) I thought of the story as a twist on Beauty and the Beast. Garrett is a version of  Gaston. Madison is a version of Belle. Craig is a version of  the Beast. And all of Craig’s friends in Florida are enchanted objects.

This is the first book in a planned six-book series.

Is the next book in the series a sequel?

No. It is a spinoff. One of the main characters in the second book makes a cameo appearance at the end of the first book. The first three books could be read on their own, if one wanted to. The last three books in the series assume you’ve read the prior books. But I try to give enough of the relevant story, so you can read them out of order if you wanted to.

Are any of these characters related to the Mad Dog Chronicles series?

Kind of. A friend of the main character in By the Bay is related to Stephanie Donnelly. And another friend is related to Donna Bauer. And a couple characters who appear in the fourth book in the series happen to live double lives. But I have no intention of naming them right now.