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Final Thoughts on the Prequels

September 22, 2013

In the last line, you reveal Maddie’s baby-daddy. What made you decide to do it there?

I initially thought it would be revealed in the sequels, when Maddie makes her first appearance. But I’ve known since writing MDC 2 - Have a Nice Day who the father was. I wanted to leave it open. It’s been fun to let fans speculate, some insisting it had to be Max, some insisting it shouldn’t be Andy, and a few guessing it was neither.

So, we’ve set up Kerry’s quest for answers that kicks off the original story. 

Yes. For Kerry, it was always about wanting the truth. Her questions for Maddie were always demanding the truth. Maddie’s answers provided partial truths, but the readers now know that Kerry knew the truth. She simply wanted to hear it from Maddie.

What’s next?

Well, I’m taking this week completely off. I have no intention to read or look at anything related to Mad Dog Chronicles, Adventures in St. Augustine, or any other story I have in the works. Next week, I’ll begin another round of revisions on MDC and then follow that with revisions on MDP. One final set of revisions for ASA will be completed before making it available for sale. 

After all those revisions, I’m returning to St. Augustine for another adventure. I’m curious what Murphy has been up to since I last left her.