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The Prequels are heating up…

April 7, 2013

Tell me about Burned.

If you’ve read the original Mad Dog Chronicles and you’ve read this week’s installment, you’re probably thinking, “Wait...what?” If you’re new to the story, I don’t want to say too much without spoiling the end.

Burned is the story about what happens when Pavel Chudinov doesn’t follow the instructions he was given to stay alive and safe. Max Keller is trying to bring him back to America for questioning and Daniela Blanchi is under orders to kill Max. Any guesses as to who succeeds?

Who is Pavel Chudinov? Is he a bad guy like Aiden MacGeoghegan?

Pavel is a gray character, with good and bad qualities. We will learn in the next installment that he is actually someone’s Asset. That someone will come after him, in an attempt to protect him.

If you want a spoiler, read (or re-read) Mad Dog Chronicles Issue 5: Who Says You Can’t Go Home. The plot of this issue is briefly mentioned in passing.

Are there more hints in the original stories?

Definitely. If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you already know who will survive. But you don’t know the how or the why. I’m using the Prequels as an excuse to tell some of the stories I briefly mentioned as history. At the same time, I’m also creating several more opportunities to do it again. Are you curious about Stephanie’s mission in Sweden when she found MacGeoghegan and shipped him to Ireland?

I’ve been asked several times if we’ll ever learn what really happened in Egypt. The answer to that is most definitely. The final prequel issue will be all about Egypt. This is why I’m stealing an installment each from the 4th & 5th issues to make it eight installments, instead of the usual six.

Are you planning on a second set of prequels?

No. I’m setting up spinoff stories. By the end of next year’s sequels, it will be obvious that Mad Dog Chronicles was always Maddie’s story. I have a spinoff trilogy I’m planning that takes place almost immediately after the Sequels end.

I have so many stories that I want to write, but I have a feeling Mad Dog Chronicles and its prequels, sequels, and spinoffs will be what I’ll be remembered for creating.

Why do you hate the picture you used above?

I was just at Disneyland this past November. So, I wanted to use a picture I’d taken of the Matterhorn ride, since the characters are in Switzerland in this issue. Looking through my trip pictures, I learned I didn’t take any of Disneyland’s mountain. Oops. I guess I didn’t know I’d want it for this. I had to settle for the only picture I have of a “snow-capped” mountain - Everest.