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A Two-Week Break

May 12, 2013

Why is there a two-week break in the story?

When the action returns on June 2, we are jumping six years ahead. It seemed like a good place for a break, which will allow anyone who has fallen behind a chance to catch up.

What can we expect when the action continues?

We return to Italy for the next two issues (Holding Out for a Hero and Keep Holding On). Yes, that means we’ll see more of Daniela Blanchi. I think she’s my favorite villain, at least right now. She’s a little bit crazy and a little bit misguided.

Does Blanchi work for the same agency as Maddie and Stephanie?

During the action in MDP 3: Burned, Blanchi did work for the same agency. The Mystery Agency is headquartered in DC, but has agents in every country. So, the potential for spinoff stories is unlimited. More about the mythology of the Agency will be revealed in the upcoming sequels.

Can you give any spoilers about the sequels or the remaining prequel installments?

The remaining prequel installments set up the events in Mad Dog Chronicles. The next two issues of 5 installments each are set in Italy and the last issue of 8 installments is set in Egypt. In Italy, Blanchi will be pushed over the edge, which sets up her quest for revenge in MDC 4: Who Says You Can’t Go Home

Will the sequels premiere after the prequels’ last installment?

No. Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels resumes on June 2 with weekly installments until the double-issue finale on September 22. Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels will not debut until March 2014. I’d like to get both the original story and the prequels available for sale in iTunes (or for the Nook or Kindle) before the sequels make their debut.

I am planning on another Adventure in St. Augustine between the prequels and sequels.