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More about the Prequels

February 24, 2013

What sets The Prequels apart from the original story?

In the original stories, we have the gradual reveal that Stephanie has this other job Andy, Drew, and Donna know nothing about. She is a reporter with special skills. Maddie has her own set of skills. One of the things different about The Prequels is that we will see Stephanie and Maddie using those skills on official missions.

In the first story, we saw Maddie in action without training and a brief glimpse of the fully-trained Stephanie.

Is the fully-trained Stephanie better than Maddie?

That’s hard to answer. As evident in the first installment of the second story, Stephanie has been at this longer. Training only goes so far. Maddie acts on instinct. Stephanie uses her training to plan her course of action, but she has learned to plan for contingencies. Nothing ever goes as planned, which is why Maddie doesn’t bother with plans.

With the second story set in Ireland, does this mean we’ll see Kerry Page again?

Definitely. Seeing Kerry Page in action, we’ll see how much she has in common with her future nemesis Maddie. Kerry will also appear again in Issue 6.

Issues, Installments...I find them a bit confusing. Can you explain more?

Each week, I post an installment, which is just a part of the story. Mad Dog Chronicles, The Prequels, and The Sequels are each broken up into six issues, which each have their own name. The prequels are Start Me Up, Watch Me, Burned, Holding Out for a Hero, Keep Holding On, and How I Know You. (Are you trying to figure out the the storylines for each now?)

Here’s, maybe, a clearer analogy: Think of an installment as an episode of a TV show. An issue is a TV season.

If the first story was Maddie’s and this one is Stephanie’s, does that mean the next one is Max’s?

No comment.