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Finally on iTunes!

February 23, 2015

So today is the big day. My first book is available for sale on iTunes. That book is Mad Dog Chronicles, which made its debut on this website almost five years ago. And it will remain here through its 5th anniversary on April 18, 2015.

What will happen after April 18? Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels will be available on iTunes a few days later and Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels will follow in June. In its place on the website will be sneak peaks of the upcoming Mad Dog Chronicles spinoffs. 

Speaking of the spinoffs, the first one (the Kerry Page spinoff) will be available as my Christmas gift to my fans - free. Yes, I said free. But don’t expect it until after Thanksgiving.

In the mean time, Adventures in St. Augustine 3 is coming in June and the final one is coming in late September.

I plan to continue writing, creating new stories for my website as I move the stories over to iTunes, and later Amazon. Some stories may go straight to iTunes and Amazon and some may never leave the website. I have so many stories that I can’t wait to write. I don’t know where they will end up. They may be action-adventure, like Mad Dog Chronicles. Or mystery, like Adventures in St. Augustine. Or romance, like Let There Be Love and Make Me a Match. (The romance novels are also heading to iTunes this year.)

So, head on over to iTunes and look for Mad Dog Chronicles. Be one of the first to buy it and relieve Maddie’s story from the beginning.