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Five Years Ago Today…

April 6, 2015

It was five years ago today was born. It wasn’t much, just a big “Coming Soon...” and a countdown to the first installment of Mad Dog Chronicles. It’s crazy to think about how much I’ve done in the past five years.

We’ve seen Mad Dog Chronicles - the Prequels and Mad Dog Chronicles - the Sequels and two Adventures in St. Augustine. We’ve got two more adventures to go, coming later this year.

And Mad Dog Chronicles is on the move. It’s already on iTunes and it’s coming soon to the Nook and the Kindle. the Prequels and the Sequels are not far behind. The new countdown I’ve added to the front page is counting down the final days of Mad Dog Chronicles on

This year will be full of change. Mad Dog Chronicles came to an end in January and is moving on (to iTunes, Amazon, & Barnes & Noble). Adventures in St. Augustine will be coming to an end in December. And around this time next year, a brand new mystery will debut. I’ve already begun prepping it.

Sometimes, change can be scary. But I am very excited about these changes.