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How do you prep for a story?

April 6, 2011

Each story is a little different, but they almost always start with the characters. I name them, decide when and where they were born, and what they do. Then, I fill out a “character sheet” that lists where they went to school, immediate family, and some of the characters’ favorite things. My character sheets are the basis for my character packets, which I study continuously until I’ve finished the story.

The main characters usually have a theme song. The theme songs usually start my “inspiration playlist.” My inspiration playlist serves as my soundtrack while I write. It is composed of character theme songs and songs that “fit” with the story. By the time I’ve finished a story, I’ve usually played the inspiration playlist to the point of annoyance.

That’s the short version of how I prep for a story. I could write a book on it, and maybe some day I will.

And now for my favorite thing of the week...

One year ago today, I launched this website. Happy Birthday It’s been an exciting year.