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By the Bay

June 19, 2018

With the release of book #10, which is hard to believe, it’s time to talk about book #9  By the Bay. I wanted to avoid spoilers. But now that it has been out for almost two months, I’m ready to spoil. So let’s begin…

What would you like to share about By the Bay?

By the Bay is set mostly in San Francisco. (Have you seen that book cover?) It is a romance, telling the story of April Sargeant after her divorce. She juggles her love life with trying to be a role model to her kids. And eventually, she finds love with Linus Prescott.

I like to mix romance, comedy, and drama while telling the story. While writing and editing, I listened to a lot of Gavin DeGraw in addition to my inspiration playlist.

This is the second book in a planned six-book series.

How does this book relate to the others in the series?

April’s brother Craig is one of the main characters in The Broken Road. And one of the main characters in the third book makes a cameo towards the end of this book. I don’t want to spoil the whole series, but most of the characters in this book appear again in at least one other story within the series.

The name Paul Michaels seems familiar. How does this book relate to other stories within the “Gagengirl Universe”?

Let’s start by answering the Paul Michaels question. Have you been reading  Solvang? He is Felicia’s brother. The biggest struggle I had while writing the first two stories was not mentioning what he did that she considered unforgivable. Now you know, assuming you’ve read both stories.

And By the Bay definitely has ties to Mad Dog Chronicles. April’s BFF Lisa Donnelly is Stephanie Donnelly’s younger sister. And her other BFF C.J. Bauer is Donna Bauer’s younger brother.